Earthlite Ellora Electric Table

This table makes getting on and off the table easier and allows me to adjust the height of the table during a session. It is also very comfortable.

Table Warmer

Yes, a nice cozy table is delightful, but it also serves a very important purpose. The table warmer gently heats up your tissues and muscles so that your body will more readily receive massage. 

Biotone Advanaced Therapy Massage Creme

This unscented and hypoallergenic massage creme is unparalleled in its richness and glide. It allows for the movement and drag needed during a massage. It's absorbed completely so you leave with soft skin, never greasy.

Oakworks Inception Table for Travel Appointments

This table provides comfort and support and is not as heavy as it looks. So don't worry about me carrying it around. I'm used to it. 

Square Chip Reader

Does anyone carry cash anymore? I accept debit and credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay at my office and on location.

Water Cooler

Drinking water is important before and after a massage. I provide all the water you could ever want in my office. Recyclable cups are provided or you can fill up your own water bottle.