Deals for You


First Session Special

Give my massage service a try at a special low price. See Services for more details. 

Referral Incentive

Know someone who loves massage? Send them to me and they will receive 40% off and you will get 40% off your next visit when they use your name as a referral.

Book Again, Save Again

Book another appointment at the end of your session and receive 10% off your next visit.

More Visits, More Savings

After 6 invididually paid visits of 60 minutes or longer within 12 months, you will receive a 60 minute gift certificate. You can use this for yourself or give it to a friend. Must be used within 3 months. No refund value.                              

Birthday Boost

During the month of your birthday, get an extra 30 minutes added to one 60 minute or 90 minute therapeutic session. Not applicable to first time visits.